Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wild About You

A week or so ago I learned about a stamp set that included the phrase "Wild about you". Many of the cards for the soldiers are ultimately sent to children in their families. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to make some cards that were geared toward young children. For this card, I used the Alligator stamp from Amuse Stamps. I stamped the image twice on white paper. I colored the first one in with a light green marker. On the second image, I only colored in the legs with a darker green. I then proceeded to cut them out. This was not the easiest task, as the legs were quite small. Once I cut them out, I used a small pop up dot to attach the cut out legs to the original stamped image. This gave the card some dimension and almost made it look like the alligator was walking off the card. The stamp was backed with a piece of textured green paper. Finally, the sentiment was placed below. While this is a really simple card, I hope that it will brighten the day of a young child. 

Today I received a few new animal stamps which I hope to use with the 'Wild about you' phrase. We got an elephant, giraffe, lion and penguin. Hopefully I will get to make some cards with the new stamps shortly and will post them. 

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  1. Yet another great card....keep up the good work.