Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Tape

This past December, Martha Stewart Magazine featured a write up about a type of Japanese Masking Tape made from washi paper. Unlike regular masking tape, the rolls come in vibrant colors and geometric patterns that really add a lot to any craft project. As Martha Stewart mentioned in her article, the tape is really easy to tear and reposition. The tape can be purchased from and comes either as a single roll or in gorgeous color combination packages. 

Our first order of Happy Tape arrived mid December. We purchased a pink and white stripe as well as a white and pink polka dot tape, as we had already started to make Valentine's Day cards. I have to say that I loved the tape almost immediately. They are really easy to use and add a great deal of color to a card. While we make a lot of cards, Robin and I are still fairly new to this. I have to say that I often make mistakes on my cards. Perhaps this is why I love this tape so much. It is just so easy to pull the piece up and reposition it. So if the tape is not perfectly straight or perhaps would look better a few inches up, it is not a problem. Just pick it up, and move it. 

While I fell in love with the tape almost immediately, Robin was much more skeptical. She liked what the tape looked like on the finished cards, but was hesitant about using it. Yet, in the past few days, she has discovered how easy this product is to use. In fact she begged me to write a post about it- "tell them how wonderful the tape is" she exclaimed. Now both she and I love to use the tape to embellish our cards. 

Robin made this card yesterday. She used her favorite tools, the Clever Lever Punches, to create the diamond. The different blue papers go incredibly well with each other and the white button is the perfect finish. Finally, she embellished the card using a dark blue strip of Happy Tape. The 'Miss you' sentiment is a small Amuse Art Stamp.

 In the same article mentioned above, Martha Stewart also suggested using the tape to embellish wrapping paper. It comes in so many different colors and patterns that the possibilities for its use are endless. Enjoy!

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