Monday, February 15, 2010


Good Evening! I thought I would post this card as I fell in love with it when Robin made it last week. She had showed me the card with the sunflower alone, which was quite pretty. Yet, when she added that giant yellow button, the card became absolutely gorgeous. I have to say that we have always loved buttons, but rarely used them on our cards. In the past few weeks, we have been trying to incorporate more buttons into our work. At first we had trouble getting them to stick, but we learned that a glue dot is the perfect adhesive! 

Some of the first card sets and paper that we purchased were from Anna Griffin. A friend of ours always loved her stuff and I have to say that she got us hooked. At first I thought that perhaps the colors were too muted or the patterns were too delicate. Yet, over time I have come to love her products- the cards we make with her paper are always quite sophisticated and stunning. 

Robin made this card using a 12x12 piece of cardstock from Anna Griffin. The paper was tan with a brown floral pattern. She cut out the sunflower using the small square Clever Lever Punch. Then she carefully lined up the squares and attached them to a matching piece of brown cardstock. A few weeks ago we purchased a bag of random buttons at Michael's Craft Store. Robin used one of these buttons, a large yellow button with two small holes in the center of the sunflower. This button was probably a little less than an inch in diameter. I think it looks amazing on this card. Finally, the sentiment comes from Pebbles Inc. and is one of their 'thinking of you' rub-offs. The card is quite simple, yet very elegant. I hope you enjoy!

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